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Days Gone Boasts Largest Release Day Sales of 2019 in UK

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PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive boasts impressive sales as the new zombie open-world game is released.

Day’s Gone is a new IP to the Sony brand developed by Bend Studio and is already garnering gushing reviews for it’s stunning mountain vistas and smart use of the unreal engine.

Day’s Gone went head-to-head with the new Mortal Kombat and came out on top. MK is landing flat with audiences so far.

Are you interested in Day’s Gone?


SEGA Announces SEGA Genesis Mini

In following the trend of bringing back older consoles and slapping, “mini” behind the name, SEGA announced they are bringing back the Genesis with many of its most popular games.

Coming in at $79.99, you get the console, controllers, 40 of its most popular titles, and a hell bunch of nostalgia.

Starting September 19, 2019 thousands of homes will be filled with the familiar tune of “SEEEGGAAAA” once again.


Elder Scrolls 6 nor Starfield will appear at E3 2019

In a surprising move, Todd Howard broke his silence to reveal that Bethesda will not Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield at Bethesda’s 2019 E3 Conference.

After the disaster of Fallout 76 and nightmare after nightmare of PR stunts for the gaming giant, it seems their tactic is to play their cards close to the vest.

They can ill afford for their cash cow franchise, Elder Scrolls to suffer any criticism at this stage and their first new IP in years to take a hit. It might be wise for them to hold out until completely finished to reveal a trailer or gameplay. Maybe Todd and Bethesda are actually learning from their mistakes.

Red Dead Online: The Wild West of Micro-transactions

Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Online-1092216Red Dead Redemption, the game heralded by many (myself included) as a landmark achievement in gaming and a new benchmark to what a single-player experience should be is facing some scathing criticism after its most recent update to it’s multiplayer arm, Red Dead Online.

In the most recent update, Rockstar has cut the amount of in-game currency players receive through completing activities by half and upped the buying power of premium currency – or real life money – in order to try and push the new weapons they added and outfits the player can purchase.

This update, as you might have guessed, has been met with huge backlash as still many of the gameplay problems go untouched but the new option for microtransactions continue to be pushed.

Red Dead Online is nowhere near as successful as it’s older brother in the Rockstar lineage, Grand Theft Auto Online which still today has a huge user base.

Gen 8: My Sword and My Shield


The anticipation for Pokemon fans is finally over as Generation 8 was announced today, Feb. 27.

Generation 8, now known as “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield,” will appear later this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

This is a major step in the goliath handheld franchise. Never before has a main story title ever appeared on console, let alone exclusively.

I am interested to see if – and by how much – Nintendo Switch sales rise come time for the game to be released.

I know speaking for myself, that the Pokemon franchise for a long time was the only reason I kept a handheld Nintendo console. We will soon see if that trend moves across to non handheld.

The Godfather, The Searchers, and Red Dead Redemption 2


Video games are art. And it is about time the mass public began to see them as such.

No longer are they a niche hobby that are looked down upon. Both critically and commercially video games are demanding to be taken seriously with their gross income outpacing all other entertainment media.

A new benchmark has been set though. With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the understanding of what a video game can be has been redefined. The detail, story, and moral choices that face the player have risen this game to be held in the same regards as cinema’s greatest works. It is not just art, it is a masterpiece.

The New York Times has likened it to being as influential and impactful as The Godfather, Sopranos, and The Searchers. A huge step in video games demanding the same respect as film. Continue reading The Godfather, The Searchers, and Red Dead Redemption 2