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If you have a phone and don’t know about this already, download “Steve” from the app store. It’s the game that can be played on google chrome if there is no internet where you jump the dinosaur over the cactus. You can get it in your notification center as well on iPhone and Android as well.

My Puppy is Ruining my Gameplay

Been playing lots of apex legends since it came out, but we got a puppy last weekend which has caused some problems. The puppy is great, but she is constantly jumping on my hands with the controller and barking so I can’t hear what is happening in the game. I pulled out my old turtle beaches for my 360 and rigged them to work on my xbox one which helped for a little while until she started chewing on the wires.

Regardless, I am still hooked on apex legends along with my other roommates. Respawn did a great job taking the battle royale model and creating something new and fresh for players. Bloodhound has been my go to so far but unfortunately that is along with many other players in the game who have not unlocked Mirage yet.

Will I sit down and play Minecraft: Dungeons

Short answer: probably not. BUT it makes me happy that Mojang is exploring other models for Minecraft because the base game in my opinion has become rather stale. The opportunity for adventure in Minecraft is unlimited, but Mojang has failed to push the boundaries of what is possible in their open world. It’s fun to run around and build and stuff, but that only entertains me for long periods of time when playing with friends. The last update add Panda Bears WOAH how cool, but not really because that is not something that will make me want to sit down and play Minecraft with fresh attention for a game I probably burned myself out on.

I am curious to see how Minecraft: Dungeons is set up and plays like. I will be sure to check out a walkthrough or let’s play before purchasing.

HYPE for GTA6 because of Red Dead 2

I have always been a fan of Rockstar and the quality big budget games they produce. GTAV is one of my favorite games because of the single player story, but also the social online aspect it continues to build on.

The Red Dead franchise has been a building block for Rockstar in the creation of the next GTA game. Red Dead 1 preceded GTAV and paved the way for the engine and gameplay. While currently playing through Red Dead 2 and experiencing the new dynamics and ludic components of the game, I can’t help but get excited for the release of GTA6. I am hype for what Rockstar will try to do with this game to push the boundaries of what is possible in an open world experience.