PS5 announcement speculation

Sony recently announced their unnamed “next console”, which was immediately dubbed the Playstation 5 by every human that’s ever lived. If it isn’t named the Playstation 5, then we’ll finally know that Sony leadership has been replaced by invading aliens. From my perspective, this is a bit of a power move by Sony; an attempt to build hype before Microsoft can announce the rival console. The PS4 has surpassed the Xbox One in sales this generation, and Sony likely wants to continue that trend. I think Sony also wants to stay on top of the industry due to other heavy-hitting tech companies, like Google and Apple, branching into the gaming market and possibly infringing on sales. We also shouldn’t sleep on Microsoft and their next console, though; Phil Spencer and crew have seemed to be very receptive to the needs of their demographics in recent years, and appear to be equipped to execute a successful vision.

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