Sega Re-Enters the Console Industry

After Sega’s release of the Dreamcast in 1998, it subsequently left the console development business. Despite the fact that Sega was introducing new and flashy features like internet support, they just couldn’t keep up with their competitors. However, it has been recently announced that Sega will be re-entering the industry it once left. The Genesis Mini will come out on September 19th.

The console is meant to play on the nostalgia factor that comes with games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Shining Force, and ToeJam and Earl. Read more about the release here.

One thought on “Sega Re-Enters the Console Industry”

  1. Personally I feel like this much of a quick cash grab attempt rather then a meaningful reentry into the hardware space. We will see how successful the mini console is but if previous iterations outside of Nintendo tells us anything the hardware probably wont be to much of a success.


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