My experience in the REAL LIFE MARIO CART: & the lawsuit I learned about

If you played Mario cart at any point in your life… you would probably be screaming during the two hour experience like I did. Just to clarify, this probably was one of the stupidest things I have ever done and I do not understand how someone hasn’t died yet. BUT it was the craziest, most thrilling experience of my life: BEATING ALL THREE TIMES I’VE JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!

I went into the experience thinking, I am going to be Mario! Well turns out the company is being sued my Nintendo for copy right. Sadly, no Nintendo costumes were available so instead I dressed up in something my five year old self would be very proud of, Elmo šŸ™‚

Elmo and Spiderman (my boyfriends character choice) hit the roads of Tokyo, Japan for a little over two hours. We met at the place around 4:30pm and rode into the sunset. The weather was beautiful, the traffic wasn’t too bad, and the wind through my red Elmo fur felt amazing! If anyone decides to go to Tokyo THIS IS A MUST DO. We drove through the Tokyo tower, downtown, on HIGHWAYS, and over rainbow bridge. I felt the most alive I have in a while. I think thats the point of games. To be pushed to the edge and to feel alive. Despite the lawsuit that is happening, this game was inspired by one of my favorite childhood games and it was an actual dream come to true to live it in real life. Games are so cool and to experience them in my own reality makes them even cooler.

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