My gaming experience in Japan

I must say, I spent a lot more time that I thought I would in these massive gaming rooms. What was my favorite part? The language barrier almost seemed nonexistent between myself and other gamers. They didn’t seem to care at all that we had no idea what each other were saying to one another, all that mattered was playing the game. This one (I assume he’s in middle school) kid kept paying for me and my boy friend. We didn’t want to take his money but the game we were playing gave you a 10 second count down to keep playing each other and you had to insert 100 yen, which looks like our quarter here in the US. It was so fun beating him in the racing game! LOL He just kept wanting to play against us and would help us navigate though the games since everything was in Japanese. After this awesome encounter, we ended up going in more than five different gaming places. We played Star Wars, Train game (which was identical to the transportation we used to get around Japan) and every car racing game there was.

What I also thought was cool was that there were grown adults playing too. Every floor offered a different kind of game. Usually, from what I saw, was that the bottom floor for the gambling/slot machine games. Those were very smokey and lots of players were drinking. Whats interesting was that even on the more kid friendly games, people were playing and smoking. It was so casual. There was even a crowd around this young girl for about an hour as we watched her play this dancing game. It was obvious that she had played it enough to memorize every single move. Overall, I spent WAY too much money there. At least 1000 yen (about $10) on just trying to win a stuffed animal with the claw machines… it was addicting! I had to walk out at a certain point because we were spending way too much money. It was a great experience and wish everyone in class could have been there to experience it too.

One thought on “My gaming experience in Japan”

  1. This is so interesting to read, Danielle– and I love that games can bring people together regardless of language!

    I wish I could upload a picture of the PokeCenter I visited- I think that was one of my favorite parts when I was there in 2016, because it was just so interesting, and there were everyone you could imagine there: kids, adults, couples, tourists, families. It was really heartwarming to see so many people of all ages and types. We ended up picking up a “Mr and Mrs Pikachu” plush duo and I spent my leftover change at the gacha machines.


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