Fortnite adds long requested feature after it being included in Apex Legends

Fortnite players have long requested some sort of system to be able to let there friends know where certain loot is instead having to try to walk them through it. Apex legends built a most of it’s gameplay around this one simple feature which they titled there “Ping” system. Fortnite season 8 launched today and one of it’s major changes is that it now includes a system very similar to Apex’s pinging system. But what does this have to say about Epic Games? Are they just trying to give players what they want? If so why did it take this long to get such a simple feature added? What can be said about them making it so similar to the system which Apex launched with?

2 thoughts on “Fortnite adds long requested feature after it being included in Apex Legends”

  1. These are some good questions on both the choices that Epic Games is making, along with what player responses might be. It will be interesting to follow along now that season 8 has launched!


  2. Honestly, I’m really disappointed with this season. It seems like they took the pirate theme from Sea of Thieves and features in Apex Legends (coincidentally or not coincidentally two of the most popular games right now) and incorporated that into their game to get more attention. The tier 100 character also really sucks this season.. Super sad


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