Red Dead Online: The Wild West of Micro-transactions

Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Online-1092216Red Dead Redemption, the game heralded by many (myself included) as a landmark achievement in gaming and a new benchmark to what a single-player experience should be is facing some scathing criticism after its most recent update to it’s multiplayer arm, Red Dead Online.

In the most recent update, Rockstar has cut the amount of in-game currency players receive through completing activities by half and upped the buying power of premium currency – or real life money – in order to try and push the new weapons they added and outfits the player can purchase.

This update, as you might have guessed, has been met with huge backlash as still many of the gameplay problems go untouched but the new option for microtransactions continue to be pushed.

Red Dead Online is nowhere near as successful as it’s older brother in the Rockstar lineage, Grand Theft Auto Online which still today has a huge user base.

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