What is going on with Nintendo and Xbox?


There seems to be a partnership brewing between gaming giants Nintendo and Microsoft. At the moment nothing official has been announced but what do you think this could mean for the industry as a whole? Could we see Game Pass on the switch or even Nintendo’s Virtual Console on the Xbox? What could this mean for Sony? It will be interesting to see what actually comes of this potential partnership. I think this will mount some challenges for Sony as they will be the main ones left out. I do think that if we see some of Nintendo’s first party exclusives come over to an Xbox Platform that it may diminish the value in owning a Nintendo console going forward. But I think the most obvious choice and the most mutually beneficial option would be for Games Pass to come to the Switch.

One thought on “What is going on with Nintendo and Xbox?”

  1. As someone who owns a Switch and has little interest in shelling out the money for an Xbox One for the two exclusives I care about (Halo and Cuphead), I would love for GamePass to come to Switch.


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