Gen 8: My Sword and My Shield


The anticipation for Pokemon fans is finally over as Generation 8 was announced today, Feb. 27.

Generation 8, now known as “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield,” will appear later this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

This is a major step in the goliath handheld franchise. Never before has a main story title ever appeared on console, let alone exclusively.

I am interested to see if – and by how much – Nintendo Switch sales rise come time for the game to be released.

I know speaking for myself, that the Pokemon franchise for a long time was the only reason I kept a handheld Nintendo console. We will soon see if that trend moves across to non handheld.

One thought on “Gen 8: My Sword and My Shield”

  1. While I was sad I wouldn’t have time to watch the Pokemon Direct, I’m looking forward to the newly announced titles. I think there’s so much new potential here that’s brimming with excitement- the Switch has been a fun system with a lot of great titles, and seeing Pokemon make the transition is a wonderful addition.


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