Call of Duty: Black Ops 4- League Play

Finally after an early October launch, Black ops 4 has finally released its version of league play. This comes after months of teasers and highlight reel’s that Activision Blizzard and Treyarch attempted to market for its fans. Now you may ask why this is important, it simple; this allows online users of the MP feature too use their skills they have developed and face off against others in a skill based match making.

Image result for league play bo4

This on tab allows you too play during weekends the professional players play during their competition. There are max of five who players who run the basic game modes including HardPoint, Search and Destroy and Control. Each on these game modes gives different varieties on how to successfully win a matchup.

Hardpoint: First team too reach 250 point wins the game or if you have more points by the end of the timer that runs out. There are 5 HP’s that both teams are required to rotate too and anchor spawns while keeping the enemy out of the hill. Every kill you earn gives you 150 points that can help earn streaks towards your gameplay.

Search and Destroy: On offense your time has an assigned bomb carrier, his sole job is too successfully plant the bomb at either the A or B bomb site and maintain positioning too prevent the other team from defusing the bomb, effectively ending the round. Per CWL ruleset, the first team to 6 total round wins is the victor of the match. On defense your team is required too successfully eliminate as many offense players and defuse the bomb before the times runs out. This usually is the best side too play on as your not pressured too protect the bomb, only look ever bomb sites.

Control: Similar too SnD except that their is a respawn aspect too it. The goal of offense is too capture three tick marks without being eliminated by the opposing team. At the end of the three minutes if both A and B are captured. then the attackers are considered victorious. You are also given a total lives counter of 30(This means you have 6 lives per player to successfully capture the objective). High risk high reward type of operation.

These are just the basic summarizes of each game mode, for those who successfully complete these game modes and maps, they earn ladder points for every win on a map you get. The different game modes are picked by a CPU and must adapt by equipping the correct perks and attachments that will make it easier too win gun fights and achieve map positioning through the various obstacles.

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