Apex Legends

I am curious as to everyone’s thoughts on the new massively popular battle royale, Apex Legends. This game has gained popularity much faster than Fortnite did before becoming a global phenomenon. What does everyone attribute its massive success to? Will this be the death of fortnite? How long until another battle royale beats this one out?

Heres my thoughts. I think whats making Apex grow so quickly is its mature feel. There are no silly dances or emotes on some shop for kids to spend money on and mirror at school. It has incredible graphics compared to fortnite, and in my opinion is much easier to pick up. Getting rid of all the annoying building mechanics and instead shaping a game around movement and shooting has let this game blow up. It feels like it took all the best things from PUBG and Call of Duty: Blackout while still adding their own personal touch. Overall I think its a great game and am excited for it to be updated.

One thought on “Apex Legends”

  1. I have been playing since the game first came out and have really enjoyed it so far. I contribute most of it success to being so different yet so similar to Fortnite. I feel like most Fortnite players were looking for something else to play but nothing gave that adrenaline feeling that Fortnite gives when you win. I feel like Apex filled that void


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