Darkest Dungeon 2 Announced


Developer Red Hook Studios has announced a follow-up to the brutally challenging RPG Darkest Dungeon.

Announced on Twitter, Darkest Dungeon 2’s announcement was accompanied by a brief teaser trailer, titled “The Howling End.” The narrator of the first game, Wayne June, returns in this teaser, saying “In the howling darkness of the end, men will become monsters. But hope will ride with those courageous enough to carry the flame.” The teaser also reveals six returning classes from the first game: Hellion, Grave Robber, Plague Doctor, Leper, Man-at-Arms, and Highwayman.

In a first look interview with PC Gamer, Red Hook’s Tyler Stigman and Chris Bourassa said that the combat system from the first game will return, albeit a “tuned-up” version. Red Hook will also employ a different metagame structure, but no further details were given.

Darkest Dungeon 2 will release first on Early Access. No platforms have been confirmed, but PC is a safe bet.

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