Atlanta getting its own league in esports

So why is this intriguing to the eye,

Well lets look at this deeper, every major city in the United States has some sort of professional sports team. From the southeast too the west coast, Esports is becoming the new meta for how we are going to make revenue too develop new entertainment. For this, the city of Atlanta has officially invested in SMITE and Paladins for the 2019 season. It is the mark of a new generation and as a resident of Georgia, it is the best news possible.

Because of the major events that have been happening, this is the long line of new Sports coming to the city. We just recently had the Super Bowl and MLS cup, the city is on the rise and I am proud to be from the city. With the popularity, people also need too realize we have a NBA2k team representing the Atlanta Hawks organization. The crazy part is that almost all of these events will be on the top of Twitch for streaming and possibly televised.

So thank you Atlanta and lets become a global Esports empire one step at a time.

One thought on “Atlanta getting its own league in esports”

  1. I find it interesting that Atlanta has taken the initiative to invest in Esports in the South but it isn’t surprising because of Atlanta’s growth over the years. It’s also a great investment because of the increasing popularity and community that is growing around this new pastime.

    Texas has also recently invested in Esports as well. Arlington, Texas specifically built the largest Esports stadium in the United States in 2018. I’m happy that the South is noticing the potential of a new and expanding market.


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