Careers in video games and journalism

Careers in games and journalism are in an interesting place. As you’ll see on Blackboard, there are varied perspectives on the field which have shifted over the years, with topics ranging from quality and ‘truth’ of the work, to the idea that those who write don’t necessarily play; to source attribution and plagiarism in game reviews. As with any field, however, change is constant, which means that these perspectives should not be considered dominant. (Note, of course, that this solely focuses on writing and journalism, not necessarily forthcoming discussions of esports careers; game development positions; creative media and games, among many other options).

Other stories of careers in the field provide perspectives that give some insight from those who have held positions in the field for many years.

For those in this class who are interested in a career in journalism– and even those who are not, what is your take on these topics and ideas? What would you look forward to, and what would you bring to a position in gaming journalism with your skills and expertise?

We will discuss these topics, but let’s begin to think of this here, as well. I would strongly recommend that everyone- regardless of whether you are planning a career in games- develop a portfolio. Developing a visible body of work will be essential.

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