Bug Causes Gaming Blackout

Even though this article may be older, this story and series of events, makes me wonder about future bugs. What would happen if all entertainment just went black for the day? I am talking about movies, tv, radio, internet and gaming. What would the world do? As a non-gamer (someone who doesn’t know much about gaming, nothing against it) I really can’t wrap my head about the connection those have with their games. What would happen if there was a coding black out like Oculus experienced? Yes, this is something that probably wouldn’t happen- all gaming black out- but what would happen if those who game everyday are forced to do something else and wait?

Another point that I want to touch on is, if this happened once with Oculus can’t it happen again? Like I said- I don’t know much about gaming but I do know that Oculus is a huge name and at this point I would say a lot of people rely on its technology. I don’t think people really think about this much- the opportunity of a blackout. This sparks a lot of questions for me. As a gamer, what are your thoughts?

Check out the article below!

Widespread Bug Causes Oculus Rifts To Stop Working [Update]

One thought on “Bug Causes Gaming Blackout”

  1. In this day an age, a blackout would be extremely bad. Everything in our world would have to shut down until everything were to come back. We rely so much on technology that it has now become hard to function without it. Several pastimes such as sports, video games, entertainment rely on some form of technology. I definitely think blackouts are inevitable and will continue to happen in the future due to lack of regulations and checks.


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