The Godfather, The Searchers, and Red Dead Redemption 2


Video games are art. And it is about time the mass public began to see them as such.

No longer are they a niche hobby that are looked down upon. Both critically and commercially video games are demanding to be taken seriously with their gross income outpacing all other entertainment media.

A new benchmark has been set though. With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the understanding of what a video game can be has been redefined. The detail, story, and moral choices that face the player have risen this game to be held in the same regards as cinema’s greatest works. It is not just art, it is a masterpiece.

The New York Times has likened it to being as influential and impactful as The Godfather, Sopranos, and The Searchers. A huge step in video games demanding the same respect as film.

4 thoughts on “The Godfather, The Searchers, and Red Dead Redemption 2”

  1. This is coming from someone who has not played the game and typically hasn’t enjoyed Rockstar’s games. However, I have watched plenty of streams, gameplay, etc., and Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to suffer from an identity crisis to me. On the one hand, there’s the realistic cowboy simulator, where you are allowed to roam freely and hunt, gather food, make shelter, that kind of thing. On the other hand is the typical Rockstar game mission structure, where you are railroaded through a shooting gallery and if you deviate from the set path, you automatically fail the mission.

    Now, as I said, I haven’t played the game. The story, from what I’ve watched, is truly gripping and enjoyable. It’s just that the gameplay segments in between are lackluster to me. Again, I have never been a fan of Rockstar’s games so I’m obviously biased, but I really enjoy what they were going for with the story of Red Dead Redemption 2.


  2. As a film major I really resonate with this. I have been playing Red Dead 2 and sometimes I catch myself thinking what I am seeing is actually real and filmed live action, then have to take a step back and remember it is a video game. The game is visually stunning, and the story is unlike anything that has been done before on this scale. Rockstar has done a good job taking advantage of their massive production capabilities and capitalized on this franchise with this game. Can’t wait for GTA6…


  3. I agree, with all the detail in the storyline and the graphics, video games should be more respected. I can see that many industries, like the more modern movie/tv streaming industries are seeing the impact that video games have in the entertainment industry. Video games are now a form of entertainment that can compete with blockbuster movies and other giant industries like television.


  4. Andrew, I find this to be so poignant. I love reading how development teams are inspired by other games/entertainment media/etc. for titles and the careful work that goes into it. Many games are incredibly moving, both in their visuals and characters, and there are those that have been held in high regards– or as we’re seeing, outperform other forms of entertainment. Games inspired me in my love for art and continue today (just wish I had more time as I have such a long list of projects I’d like to work on).

    Rockstar Studios is a great example, too– their games push the boundaries in terms of genre and play, and just enjoyable and frankly beautiful visuals.


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