Unity vs Epic

In recent news, Unity has been pitted against Unreal Engine in a way it never has been. On January 10th, Improbable announced that Unity would be cutting ties with them, putting SpatialOS at risk.

For those who don’t know: SpatialOS is a cloud-based system created by Improbable so that small studios can easily scale up software to large, multiplayer games with cross-platform support.

Since then, Improbable has announced a $25,000,000 fund that they have created with Epic Games in order to encourage developers to use Unreal. Sounds like drama to me.

Read more about it here.

3 thoughts on “Unity vs Epic”

  1. Christina, this is a great topic to bring up. I’ve been discussing this with some colleagues lately, and I wondered what would happen, since Unity posted on the 10th that anyone using SpatialOS would not be affected, but as we can see, there’s a lot of concern: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2019/01/10/our-response-to-improbables-blog-post-and-why-you-can-keep-working-on-your-spatialos-game/

    It’ll be interesting to follow this as the semester goes on!


    1. I find it really interesting because I’m in the process of interviewing with improbable so it’ll be really cool to see how that could end up changing a potential career path for me!


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