When games surpass Disney and Marvel

Here’s some interesting news: Call of Duty Boasts Higher Lifetime Sales than Star Wars or Marvel.

That’s all well and good, but what are “lifetime sales?” This is also known as customer lifetime revenue, which isn’t the historic revenue, but the estimated projection of that revenue within the customer lifespan. The lifetime value that a customer spends on a purchase is a better way to think of this.

Here’s a really good example: how much a person might expect to spend on Starbucks in their life. In the example provided here, for those customers who remain an average customer of Starbucks, the average lifespan is roughly 20 years, and the average lifetime value is a little over $14,000.

That’s a lot of money spent on coffee.

Hopefully, that puts lifetime sales in perspective.

Let’s bring this back to Call of Duty, though.

Activision reports that Call of Duty passed $10 billion in lifetime revenue. This shouldn’t be too surprising, because even older articles from 2015 compared its growing success to Disney.

Regardless of whether or not you play, if we consider the potential of Call of Duty, it makes sense– there are multiple modes that appeal to a range of users from casual to professional players.

Something to think about, if nothing else!

One thought on “When games surpass Disney and Marvel”

  1. I find it interesting that video games are only now getting the recognition they deserve from the entertainment industry when so many people play video games on a daily basis. I guess this will make the competition between the two industries amusing to witness in the near future.


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