Days Gone Boasts Largest Release Day Sales of 2019 in UK

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PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive boasts impressive sales as the new zombie open-world game is released.

Day’s Gone is a new IP to the Sony brand developed by Bend Studio and is already garnering gushing reviews for it’s stunning mountain vistas and smart use of the unreal engine.

Day’s Gone went head-to-head with the new Mortal Kombat and came out on top. MK is landing flat with audiences so far.

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the fate of bioware?

Let’s face it: overall, Anthem was a flop. It had some disastrous flaws on release, and detriments as big as Anthem’s coming from a AAA game by a AAA studio created serious backlash. Bioware had already been on the defensive with the highly divisive Mass Effect: Andromeda, and while I don’t think Anthem is the final nail in the coffin, I do think it certainly began to shut the lid. On a personal level, it’s pretty disappointing to see. Bioware made two of my all time favorite games; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age: Origins. These are two very critically acclaimed and financially successful games, but an entire company can’t coast of royalties of past wins for that long. They have to keep cranking out hits to stay afloat. And with Anthem, it’s going to put at risk their likely biggest project to date: Dragon Age 4. Which realistically is probably still a few years out. My prediction is this, given how developers normally treat this situation: Dragon Age 4 will be Bioware’s hail mary. They’ll go all out and attempt to make an unprecedented product. If they succeed? Definite redemption. If they fail? Well, then we may have the unfortunate task of watching the demise of an industry titan.

Cheaper Switch Model Could Be Out This June

Nintendo may be releasing a cheaper version of the Switch this June, according to a report from Bloomberg, which corroborates earlier rumors that Nintendo is working on a budget model of its popular portable console.

It’s still not clear what changes Nintendo would make to yield a cheaper Switch, although some have speculated that the new console could feature a smaller display or remove the dock capability for a cheaper and more mobile-focused device.

A cheaper model of the Switch could help Nintendo boost sales, a strategy that we’ve already seen the company use in the past with products like the Nintendo 2DS, a less powerful and budget version of the 3DS that opened up the portable console’s vast library of games to customers at a far lower price point.

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PS5 announcement speculation

Sony recently announced their unnamed “next console”, which was immediately dubbed the Playstation 5 by every human that’s ever lived. If it isn’t named the Playstation 5, then we’ll finally know that Sony leadership has been replaced by invading aliens. From my perspective, this is a bit of a power move by Sony; an attempt to build hype before Microsoft can announce the rival console. The PS4 has surpassed the Xbox One in sales this generation, and Sony likely wants to continue that trend. I think Sony also wants to stay on top of the industry due to other heavy-hitting tech companies, like Google and Apple, branching into the gaming market and possibly infringing on sales. We also shouldn’t sleep on Microsoft and their next console, though; Phil Spencer and crew have seemed to be very receptive to the needs of their demographics in recent years, and appear to be equipped to execute a successful vision.

Xbox Hardware Sales Slips

Microsoft has released its Q3 earnings, and it suggests the current console generation is slowing down and ready for another refresh. Xbox console sales fell by 33% year-over-year, which the company attributes to a simple decrease in sales volume. In other words, people are simply buying fewer Xbox consoles.

However, the news wasn’t too grim for Microsoft. Overall game revenue actually increased by 5% year-over-year, thanks to strong third-party software sales and subscriptions.

The Xbox One is more than six years old now, so the decrease in console sales suggests Microsoft is hitting a saturation point. That’s when console manufacturers tend to eye a new generation, and Microsoft may start to explain its vision for the next Xbox at E3. In the meantime, it introduced the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a new SKU of the console that lacks any disc drive and only plays downloaded games.

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The easy mode dilemma

With the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, I was reminded of a longstanding dilemma about games: the “Easy Mode” dilemma. Speaking broadly, consumers of games can be grouped by those who want easy mode in games, and those who do not.

Proponents of easy modes argue that the consumer bought the entire game and is entitled to see all of it. They claim that denying a paying player access to parts of a single-player game is unfair, and they argue that since there is no direct effect to other players from an easy mode existing, the developers have no reason other than spite to leave out a method for even the most inexperienced to complete their game. On the other hand, opponents of easy mode contend that completion is not promised, and all that is promised is the experience. In their opinion, the existence of an easy mode cheapens the achievement of finishing such a demanding game.

I’m curious: which side does everyone lean towards? Do you guys want games that have the option for reduced difficulty, or do you prefer it when games are unforgiving and demand your best efforts?

Games with Gold May 2019 news as Microsoft launch new Xbox One game deals

Though I do not own a Xbox myself, I know (probably) everyone else in class, minus maybe two of us does… that being said I think this would be some exciting news for those who own one or looking to own one in the near future.

Microsoft is now launching new Xbox One game deals. Not only are the new lines ups being released any day now for Xbox One fans, but shortly after gaming deals and discounts will be released. Off topic comment: Wouldn’t that be nice if a new camera was about to be release, along with discounts? Same with shoe shopping?

It is said that the Games for Gold will be released with in the next week. Many discounts and price drops have happened at a limited time so if this is right up your ally, I would go check it out. Apparently there is a big Spring Sale too on console,, and online Microsoft stores and their in store locations. I am all about saving money, so not only is this a cool blog post, you also can save a dollar 🙂


Esports and its cognitive approach

Playing a video game of any sorts can cause major anxiety and stress on anyone putting effort to complete it.

High levels of competition among esports athletes can cause immense amounts of physiological stress

Many esport competitors are now using training to help ease the pain of over working their minds during an intense session. They recommend doing aerobic exercise in order to relieve their bodies of tension and to relax their muscles so that they can be successful.

Regular exercise can lead to better results and even performance boosts! Gamers typically have a faster hand-to-eye coordination and are good with multitasking while in game.

Microsoft and Nintendo’s Partnership continues to evolve with Cuphead being announced for Switch

During a Nintendo Direct this past week the company announced that Cuphead would be arriving on the console shortly. Cuphead is a game that was funded entirely by Microsoft and they also own full rights to the IP. This is something that we have really never seen up until this point. A company voluntarily putting up one of there exclusive titles on a competitors console. This reveal has furthered rumors that Microsoft’s Netflix-like subscription service for games called Gamepass will eventually find it’s way onto the Nintendo Switch.

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